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Debt collection requires a careful legal touch, and Hoesch & Vander Ploeg, P.L.C. has the experience and knowledge to provide it. Collections can expose your company to a variety of legal consequences if done incorrectly. Let us help you collect debt in Michigan with our reliable legal representation. We will work with you to maximize your collection efforts.

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Consumer/Retail Collections

At HVP we work with each client to design a program in skip tracing, asset searches, collateral recovery, file reporting and accounting procedures, and, when necessary the filing of legal action anywhere in Michigan where a debtor or debtor’s assets may be located. Our goal is complete and effective recovery while minimizing cost and risk. HVP provides comprehensive consumer collections services including the following:

•   Skip Tracing

•   Asset Searches

•   Pre-suit Collections – Demand Letters

•   Collateral Recovery – Claim & Delivery

•   First Party Collections

•   Demand Letter Program


We are creative and aggressive in pursuing the recovery of your judgment through:

•   Executions

•   Wage Garnishments

•   Bank Account Garnishments

•   County Wide Real Property Judgment Liens

•   Parcel Specific Real Property Levies & Auctions

•   Debtor’s Exams

•   Fraudulent Transfer Investigations

Commercial Loan Workouts & Collection Litigation

We understand the importance of a strong collection and litigation partner in order to address the unique nature of your commercial accounts receivable. We recognize the financial urgency that delinquent commercial accounts can create and the impact of outstanding receivables on your business and strive to provide solutions, with a focus on cost-efficient results. Our recovery approach is designed to help you reduce delinquency, increase recovery, improve cash flow and minimize losses, all at a fair cost. We have flexible fee arrangements including flat fee, hourly, and contingency arrangements.


We represent clients of all sizes,  all with one simple goal – to leverage our experience and expertise in proving you a reliable and consistent recovery solution to fit the needs of your organization. We partner with each client to meet the specific business objectives and strategies for each commercial case and then design a focused program, using HVP services like skip tracing, asset searches, credit bureau checks, collateral recovery, and even receivers where necessary. Our commercial services include:

•   Demand Letter Programs

•   Contingent Commercial Recovery

•   Skip Tracing

•   Pre-Suit Collection Efforts

•   Insurance Subrogation

•   Forbearance Agreements

•   Federal & State Court Representation

•   Enforcement of Sister-State Judgments

•   Post-Judgment Recovery

•   Bank Attachments, Liens